Kele Todd Reel

This is my most current reel: a bit of motion graphics, a bit of animation, some cinematography, some editing, and a small portion of chromakey thrown in for kicks.

What wasn’t shot on a Canon t4i through Canon glass was shot on a Panasonic GH4 Lumix or GoPro Silver. I edit in Premier, and do motion graphics in AfterEffects.

Music: ‘Hiccup’, by Pecinpah.

AVIRA Testimonial for OPSWAT Certification Program

Travis Witteveen, CEO of AVIRA, was good enough to sit down in front of my camera and talk about his feelings concerning the OPSWAT Certification Program. Nice guy, smooth hair.

I handled camera setups and operation, lighting, audio, editing and all post-production.

ZACT Compilation
This is a compilation of videos I did for the ZACT (now a Sprint company) education website.

I shot the hand on green screen, keyed it out and then overlaid it on the ZACT UI animations I’d made in AfterEffects.

Music: ‘Pretty, Pretty’, by Pecinpah

Bluescape Marketing War Room Video
Bluescape needed a video for its Sales team to use in explaining the benefits of its technology to the Studio Marketing crowd down in Hollywood.

I drafted a script, shot the team working with the technology, edited the footage, and added a few motion graphics and color passes to polish it up. Voice Over provided by the talented Brad Ziffer.

Dynatrace Pitch Video
This is a pitch video I made for Traction. Riveting stuff here (must’ve been – they won the business).

Edited in Premier Pro, with some animation and compositing done in AfterEffects.

VO and music recorded at Handsome.

OPSWAT Threat Map

This is a threat map I put together for display in OPSWAT convention booths.

I got data for the threat names and locations from the OPSWAT engineering team, and animated this in such a way that it can be looped indefinitely. Good times.

Health Lumen Testimonial for Diyotta

Flew out to Kansas City to make this video, in which Todd Pearsall, CTO of Health Lumen, was gracious enough to sit down and go over the reasons he decided to use Diyotta’s Modern Data Integration Suite. Heck of a guy, that Todd Pearsall.

I handled camera setups and operation, lighting, audio, editing and all post-production.

The Red Fulani Show, Ep. 4

This is an episode of the cooking show I make with my wife.

Music by The Pine Needles.

Lemonade Stand

This is a man-on-the-street style video I made in support of an article Traction’s CEO, Adam Kleinberg, wrote for their agency blog.

I shot and edited this, recorded the audio and did the titles. I did not make the lemonade.

Policy Patrol Security for Exchange Video
This is a short motion graphic video I made to expound upon the virtues of using OPSWAT’s Security for Exchange. Good stuff.

Animated in AfterEffects, with VO by the relentlessly talented Brad Ziffer.

CB&T Case Study

This is a case study I put together for Traction concerning the work they did for California Bank & Trust.

I shot the interviews and B-roll, wrote the script (with the help of the project manager who’d overseen the work Traction did for CB&T), and animated the motion graphics. My wife, the lovely and talented Halima Mohammed (also known as The Red Fulani), did the voice over.

Have a [Buell] Blast!

I made this goofy video to help my wife sell her trusty old motorcycle – a 2008 Buell Blast. I figured since it was for a motorcycle related to Harley-Davidson, as Buells are, I had better go for a ‘Yee-Haw!’, Hard Rock Cafe sort of voice. So there you go.

I shot the video on both a Canon DSLR and an Elph, edited it in Premier, wrote the copy, recorded the VO, and rode the motorbike around in the Oakland hills. Yee-Haw.

Music is by CustomMelody, via AudioJungle.

MOB App Reveal/Xmas Video

This is a Xmas/app reveal video I helped Traction make.

I handled casting, on-set direction, camera setups and operation, editing and color grading, primarily.

Audio post was handled by the alarmingly talented guys at Handsome.

California Bank & Trust Keepsake Video

I made this corporate video in support of Traction’s launch of the website they redesigned for California Bank & Trust.

I shot and edited this video, recorded audio and did the titles.

Twinkie Smash

Well, I wasn’t going to EAT them; those things are NASTY.

Shot on a GoPro Silver, edited in FCP X. Scored in Nanostudio.

Music: ‘Twinkie Hiccup’, by Pecinpah.