This is a sketch I did as a study for a book cover I’m designing. Look at all those daggers!

Ooh, there’s an old fella.

Flew out to Kansas City to shoot an interview, and now I think I’m all important.

Home brewin' some homebrew.

Someone stole a nectarine off the desk of an executive assistant at a company I was working for. This executive assistant spent the next two days reviewing footage from the security cameras in an effort to find out who the thief was. This incident became known as ‘Peachgate 2016’, and I made this image for it. What a world.

Getting some time in up the hill.

Tap handle I made for Racer 5. #Cats

I wrote this little ditty riding a train into San Francisco. Composed and mixed in Nanostudio.

This is one of a series of 15-second Instagram cuts I did as a promotional push for my wife’s cooking show. w00t!

When my wife and I bought our house, it came with this lemon tree that was absolutely pregnant with lemons. We couldn’t give enough away before they would start to go bad, so we made lemoncello and gave that away instead. This is the label we put on the bottles.

The central vehicle in a story I’m working on – a bathyscaphe piloted by a chimp.

Been so cold and gray recently. Perfect weather for a Hob-Nob and a cup of tea.

Battered, but well caffeinated.

Productive all the time. Ahem.

Catharsis at the beach.

Animating the little Xmas poo-man (not my idea).

Pony Ride Pictures logo

I finally decided on a logo for what I will very generously call my 'production company'. Anyway, it's something to slap on the back of any videos I make, and that feels nice and official.


The rigging of these shrimp boats in Fernandina, Florida, sing in the wind, making wind-chime noises in the gentle push of an on-shore breeze.

Working on the next episode of The Red Fulani Show. It's been a LOOOOOOOONG time coming, but I promise it'll be worth the wait!